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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there WiFi on Vakantiepark ‘t Urkerbos?
– Yes, for an additional fee you can use the WiFi.
Are dogs allowed on Vakantiepark ‘t Urkerbos?
– Yes, when they wear a leash.
How far away is the town of Urk from Vakantiepark ‘t Urkerbos?
– Around 3 Kilometers.
Do you rent bicycles?
– Yes, please contact us about this subject.
Is it possible to stay with a group or association at Vakantiepark ‘t Urkerbos?
– Please contact us about this subject.
What are the costs of visitors?
– Visitors pay €2,- per visitor. They can make use of the swimmingpool and sanitairy buildings.
Do you organize activities?
– During children’s vacation we organize activities. Please visit our animation page for more information.
Is there a store at Vakantiepark ‘t Urkerbos?
– At the reception we have a mini-store with a small variety of products. For grocery shopping you can visit shoppingcenter ‘De Hofstee’ or shoppingcenter ‘Het Urkerhard‘.

Is there a washing machine, dryer and centrifuge on the campsite? 
- The campsite has a launderette. This is in the main sanitary building. The use of the washing machine costs € 5.00, including detergent. The drying machine costs € 3.00. There is no centrifuge on the campsite.